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What is the 60GB package for PTCL monthly?

PTCL Monthly 60GB Package:

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) offers numerous internet packages to its package  users, including a 60GB bundle. Yeh bundle un logon ke liye perfect hai if you have minimal data use and do not require high-speed internet. In this article, we will explore the specifics, pricing, and features of the PTCL 60GB bundle.

PTCL 60GB Package Overview

The PTCL 60GB bundle is designed specifically for those with moderate internet usage, package  such as social media browsing, emailing, and occasional streaming. Yes, the plan is reasonable, and it meets the fundamental internet demands.

Package Details and Pricing
Data Limit: 60 GB per month
Price: PKR 1,299 per month for a speed of up to 4Mbps.
Additional expenses include installation fees and equipment charges.
Valid for 30 days from the date of activation.

Features aur Benefits

Here are the features and benefits of the PTCL 60GB package:

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to the PTCL 60GB plan, you have the following options:

PTCL Website: Visit the official PTCL website and select the 60GB bundle from the “Packages” section. Fill out the online form to simply subscribe to the bundle.
Customer help: For PTCL customer help, please contact Karen. Representatives package  can process requests and activate packages.
PTCL Smart App: Download PTCL Smart App and activate your selected package.

Usage Monitoring

PTCL users can monitor their data use via the PTCL Smart App and the PTCL website. Yes, we can offer you with real-time data usage and remaining data limit statistics.

Additional Data Bundles

If your data limit is 60GB, PTCL will offer you additional data bundles. Yeh bundles aapki extra data requirement ko fulfil karte hain, apke internet experience ko uninterrupted rakhte hain. To activate additional packages, please contact PTCL customer service.


The PTCL 60GB bundle is excellent for people who have restricted data usage and want a stable internet connection at a reasonable price. This package’s full summary, features, and subscription ways will help you make the best decision. PTCL’s extensive network coverage and great customer service ensure a hassle-free and smooth internet experience.