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How do i get a new ptcl internet connection online

PTCL Internet Connection Online Kaise Le

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is Pakistan’s main Internet connection  service provider. If you do not have a PTCL internet connection, you can apply online for one. This article provides a step-by-step explanation on how to apply for a PTCL internet connection online and what the procedure entails.

Requirements Check Karein

If you want to apply for a PTCL internet connection, these are some of the essential requirements:

Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC)
Contact information includes a phone number, residential address, email address, and payment method (e.g. cash, bank transfer).

PTCL Website Visit Karein

Visit the official website of PTCL. The website has “New Connection” and “Order Now” options. connection  Yes, if you click on the option, an online application form will appear.

Online Application Form Fill Karein

Filling out the PTCL online application form is easy and uncomplicated. Please fill out this form with the following vital information:

Document Verification

Once the application is submitted, the PTCL team will verify the documents. The verification process requires your CNIC and address. If any documents are missing or erroneous, please contact a PTCL representative.

Service Availability Check

Check the availability of PTCL services at your address. In these regions, PTCL broadband, VDSL, and fibre optic connections are available. Please confirm availability; PTCL will provide confirmation.

Installation Appointment Schedule Karein

After document verification and confirmation of service availability, the PTCL team will organise the installation appointment. Aapko date and time bataya jayega, jab PTCL technician aapke ghar aake connection install karega.

Installation Process

PTCL specialist will install the appropriate equipment (modem, router, etc.). The installation process connection  may take some time. Technicians should test their internet connections before proceeding with their task.

Payment Process

PTCL internet connection installation charges and initial package costs are payable. Payment methods include cash, bank transfers, and internet payment choices. Payment has been completed, and the internet connection is now operational.

Customer Support aur Troubleshooting

If there is an issue after installing your PTCL internet connection, please contact PTCL customer service. PTCL’s customer assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if you have an issue.


Naya PTCL internet connection lena ab bahut hi asan ho gaya hai, especially during the online application procedure. Basic requirements must be met, an online application form must be completed, documents must be verified, and an installation appointment must be scheduled; follow these steps to ensure that you have an internet connection with PTCL. PTCL provides dependable service and good customer assistance, ensuring a positive internet experience. Is guide ko follow karke aap ghar baithe hi PTCL ka new internet connection hasil kar sakte hain or apni internet needs ko effectively fulfil kar sakte hain.