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How to create an Apple ID on Google?


Google, with its extensive range of services, has become Google integrated into our digital lives. However, if you’re new to Apple’s ecosystem, you might ask if you can use your Google account to create an Apple ID. Fortunately, Apple provides a mechanism to do just that. Let’s look at how to create an Apple ID with your Google account and how it can help you streamline your digital experience.

Creating an Apple ID with Your Google Account:

Apple IDs were typically tied with iCloud or Apple domain email addresses, but the company now allows users to create profiles using their current Google accounts.

1. Access the Apple ID Account Creation Page:

Begin by accessing the Apple ID account creation page using Google your web browser. This is where you will begin the process of creating your Apple ID.

2. Select “Create Your Apple ID”:

Look for the option to create a new Apple ID, which is usually found on the sign-in or account creation page.

3. Choose “Use Your Existing Email Address”:

Select the option that allows you to utilise your existing email address, in this example your Google account.

4. Enter Your Google Account Email Address:

Fill in the email address associated with your Google account. This email address will be used as your Apple ID username.

5. Fill in Your Personal Information:

Provide the relevant personal information, such as your name, date of birth, and security questions. This information will be linked to your Apple ID, so ensure its accuracy.

6. Verify Your Google Account:

Apple may request that you validate your Google account to Google ensure its legitimacy. To complete this step, follow the instructions that were delivered to your Google email inbox.

7. Agree to Apple’s Terms and Conditions:

Before proceeding with the account creation procedure, carefully consider and agree to Apple’s terms and conditions.

8. Complete the Verification Process:

You will receive a verification code based on the method you picked (email or phone number). Enter this code when required to confirm your identity.

9. Congratulations! Your Apple ID is Created:

After following the steps outlined above, you will have successfully created an Apple ID using your Google account. You may now easily access Apple services using your Google login.


Creating an Apple ID with your Google account allows for a smooth integration of two of the most prominent actors in the digital space. By leveraging the familiarity and convenience of your Google account, Apple has made it easier than ever for people to join and connect with their ecosystem. Users using Google-based Apple IDs can now enjoy a more simplified experience while downloading apps from the App Store, accessing iCloud services, or listening to Apple Music.