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Recover Snapchat memories from banned account


Losing access to a Snapchat account due to a ban can be upsetting, especially if it means losing precious memories saved in the app’s Memories feature. However, there are methods and strategies you may use to recover your deleted Snapchat memories even after your account has been banned. In this detailed tutorial, we’ll look at different ways and solutions for retrieving Snapchat memories from a banned account, giving users hope that their priceless moments won’t be lost forever.

Understanding Snapchat Account Bans

Snapchat may suspend user accounts for a variety of reasons, including violations banned account of community guidelines, terms of service infractions, or suspicious behaviour. When an account is banned, access to the Snapchat app and all associated data, including Memories, is usually limited. However, Memories may still be recoverable using different methods, such as data recovery software or account reactivation.

Exploring Data Recovery Options

One method for recovering Snapchat memories from a banned account is to use third-party data recovery software developed for mobile devices. These tools can search your device’s storage for deleted items, including Snapchat data, and recover them even if the account has been blocked. However, success rates with data recovery software can vary based on device compatibility, storage encryption, and the extent of data erasure.

Seeking Account Reactivation

Another option for recovering Snapchat memories from a banned account is to request account reactivation or appeal the ban to Snapchat’s support team. While this technique may not always be successful, especially in cases of serious infractions or recurrent offences, it is worth investigating if you believe your account was banned unfairly or in error. Provide any relevant information or proof to back up your claim, such as screenshots or documentation of your account activity.

Tips for Preventing Data Loss in the Future

To avoid losing Snapchat memories in the future, back up your smartphone’s data, including Snapchat data, on a regular basis to cloud storage or an external storage device. Additionally, familiarise yourself with Snapchat’s community rules and terms of service to avoid activities that could lead to an account ban. Finally, think about adopting alternative techniques to save your memories, such as saving photographs and videos to your device’s camera roll or using other social banned account media platforms for backup.


While losing access to a Snapchat account due to a ban can be depressing, there are methods banned account and strategies for restoring deleted memories. Users can maximise their chances of recovering important Snapchat memories from a banned account and preserving them for years to come by investigating data recovery methods, requesting account reactivation, and taking actions to prevent future data loss.