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How do I edit a photo to add a person?


In the field of photography and digital art, the ability to person add or insert a person into a shot opens up a world of new creative possibilities. Whether you want to composite a friend into a group photo, insert a figure into a stunning landscape, or create a surreal scenario with unexpected characters, understanding the technique of adding a person to a photo is an important ability. In this detailed article, we will lead you through the step-by-step process of modifying a photo to seamlessly add a person, allowing you to express your creativity and improve your images.

Selecting the Right Software and Tools

Before you begin the process of adding a person to a photo, make sure you have the necessary software and resources. Adobe Photoshop is a versatile and capable application for picture editing and compositing. Familiarise yourself with Photoshop’s selection tools, layers, masking techniques, and transformation options, as these will help you smoothly integrate the person into your photo.

Preparing Your Photo and Person Image

Begin by selecting the photo you want to alter and the image of the person you want to include. Adjust the size, resolution, and colour of both photos to match the composition’s overall appearance and feel before integrating them. Consider lighting, perspective, and composition to ensure that the individual looks natural in the scene.

Extracting and Placing the Person

Using Photoshop’s selection tools, gently remove the individual person from the original image, resulting in a precise selection with clean edges. Once removed, insert the person in your target shot, adjusting their position within the scene with transformation tools like scale, rotate, and warp. Pay attention to lighting and shadows to ensure that the subject mixes in with the photo’s lighting settings.

Blending and Fine-Tuning

Adjust the person’s opacity, apply layer masks, and fine-tune their edges to blend them smoothly with the background. Fine-tune the composition by modifying colours, contrast, and lighting to obtain a unified and natural appearance. Pay close attention to features like shadows, reflections, and perspective to improve the realism of the finished composition.


Putting a person in a photo is a creative process that lets you improve your images and make intriguing visual stories. Mastering the tools and techniques of image modification in software such as Photoshop person allows you to easily merge people into your images, opening up unlimited opportunities for creative expression and artistic discovery.