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Which game earns the most money in Pakistan


Globally, the gaming business has grown at an exponential rate in recent years due to changes in customer preferences, increasing accessibility, and technological improvements. Like many other nations, Pakistan has experienced a boom in the gaming industry, with millions of players actively participating in a wide range of gaming genres and platforms. Amidst this growing landscape, one issue looms large: which game earns the most money in Pakistan? In order to identify the highest-grossing video money  games and investigate the elements that lead to their success, we will examine the Pakistani gaming market in this article.

The Growth of Gaming in Pakistan:

Pakistan’s gaming scene has changed from being a niche pastime to a popular one thanks to the country’s expanding youth population, readily available cellphones, and reasonably priced internet access. Pakistan is a profitable market for game developers and publishers looking to capitalise on this growing demographic, with an estimated 77 million gamers.

Popular Gaming Platforms:

Gaming in Pakistan spans a wide range of gadgets and platforms rather money  than being restricted to just one. Although PC gaming is still a favourite among aficionados, mobile gaming has taken off due to smartphones being widely used by all societal groups. Furthermore, console gaming still has a devoted following, despite it being smaller than that of PC and mobile gaming.

Top-Grossing Games in Pakistan:

The dynamic nature of the gaming sector and the lack of thorough statistics make it difficult to determine which game is the most grossing in Pakistan. But some gaming titles are always among the most successful and well-liked in the nation. Among them are:

PUBG Mobile:

One of the most well-liked and highest-grossing games in Pakistan is Tencent Games’ PUBG Mobile. Millions of players across have been enthralled by its social features, vivid graphics, and addicting gameplay. In spite of governmental scrutiny and brief bans, PUBG Mobile is still very much alive and well in Pakistan’s gaming scene.

Free Fire:

Another hugely famous battle royale game that has acquired popularity among Pakistani players is Free Fire, which was developed by Garena. Free Fire’s quick gameplay, wide range of character powers, and frequent updates have helped it carve itself a sizable market position in Pakistan’s gaming industry. Its broad appeal can be attributed to its free-to-play approach and compatibility with low-end devices.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang:

Pakistan has a devoted following for Moonton’s multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Mobile Legends has become a national favourite among mobile gamers thanks to its competitive gameplay, varied hero pool, and strategic depth. Frequent esports competitions and neighbourhood gatherings increase its appeal and income production.


Even though it can be difficult to pinpoint the precise game that makes the most money money  in Pakistan, some titles are routinely among the highest-grossing and most well-liked there. Games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Free Fire, and PUBG Mobile have won over Pakistani players’ hearts and wallets with their engaging gameplay, social features, and clever monetization techniques. New competitors are sure to surface as Pakistan’s gaming sector develops and grows, adding to the country’s already robust gaming scene.