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How to put thumbnail on YouTube video on phone


Mobile devices, which provide ease of use and flexibility in organising and video on phone disseminating content, have evolved into essential tools for content creators in the digital age. YouTube videos must have thumbnails added in order to be more visible and draw more viewers. Thankfully, producers can quickly and simply add thumbnails to their movies from their phones using the appropriate tools and methods. We offer a thorough tutorial in this post on how to add thumbnails to YouTube videos on your phone, enabling content producers to maximise the visibility and interaction of their work.

Install the YouTube Studio App

Installing the YouTube Studio app on your phone is the first step towards video on phone adding thumbnails to your YouTube videos. The YouTube Studio app, which is available for iOS and Android smartphones, gives artists a number of options for managing their YouTube channel while they’re on the move, including the capacity to post unique thumbnails.

Sign in to Your YouTube Account

Open the YouTube Studio app after it has been installed, then enter your login information to access your YouTube account. You will then be able to access all of the app’s features as well as your channel dashboard.

Select the Video You Want to Add a Thumbnail to

To get a list of every video on your channel, open the YouTube Studio app and select the “Videos” option. Tapping on the video will select it so you can add a custom thumbnail to it.

Tap on “Edit”

To access the video editing options, hit the “Edit” button after choosing the video. This will let you edit the title, description, tags, and thumbnail of the movie, among other things.

Choose or Upload a Custom Thumbnail

To upload a new thumbnail or select an existing one from your phone’s gallery, scroll down to the “Thumbnail” section and tap on “Custom Thumbnail.” Make that the size, format, and content of the thumbnail adhere to YouTube’s requirements.

Adjust and Preview the Thumbnail

You can fine-tune the appearance of your custom thumbnail by adjusting its location and scale once you’ve chosen or uploaded it. To see how the thumbnail will look on various screens and devices, use the preview tool.

Save Changes and Publish

Once you are happy with the thumbnail, click “Save” to make the changes video on phone effective. After that, you can check the modifications and make any more adjustments before uploading the revised video to your channel.

Monitor Performance

Use the analytics tools in the YouTube Studio app to track the performance of your unique thumbnail video once it has been launched. Monitor metrics like views, duration of view, and interaction to determine how well the thumbnail draws in readers.


The exposure and appeal of your material can be greatly increased by easily and quickly adding thumbnails to YouTube videos on your phone. Creators may optimise their videos for maximum impact and interaction by following the above step-by-step guidance and making use of the YouTube Studio app’s features. This will help them develop their audience and establish a successful YouTube channel.