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The Rise of the Machines

CES doesn’t phase me anymore. After years of traveling to Vegas to be dazzled by the latest technology and gadget innovations, it all feels meh. But maybe that’s the problem — we’ve become immune to the growing intrusiveness of our connected lives.

It wasn’t until my boss reacted with a “that’s SUPER creepy” to a car that can identify your gender, that I really started paying attention.


Everywhere I went on the show floor, cameras, sensors, and little electronic eyes constantly followed me. Each one trying to guess my mood, age, weight, posture, and what I ate for lunch (well, not the last one, but who knows what the future holds). The best part is, each brand claimed that gathering all this information would actually make my life easier and more secure.

But how comfortable am I sharing everything about myself? What are they doing with all this data? Can I even opt out at this point?

I’m weirdly excited to see where these advancements take us. My boss is contemplating his escape out of the city and into a bunker outfitted with only a landline. As for you, please enjoy a sneak peek into the future.

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Smart Cocoon by Valeo tracks your heart rate and respiration but can also tell your age and gender. All of it to supposedly create a more comfortable driving experience. So, if the car detects that you’re having a heated argument with your significant other, it will blow cold air into your face to cool you down.