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Best Document Tracking Systems In 2023!

Are you looking for document tracking systems? Let’s see which one’s the best on the market today!

The internet has come a long way since that weird crackling sound your dial-up internet made before you could go online and “surf the web“.

One critical thing that the internet pioneers left behind are documents. They still look and feel like something you created in the 90s, with your boring word editor, adding plain text and static images that never seem to stick to the place you intend them to.

But most importantly, you still cannot get smart insights on them. There’s absolutely no way of knowing if the document you shared with your peers was ever opened. No way to find out whether your content was enjoyed by your audience. No way of tracking them. Sigh…

Why you should track your documents?

Since being on the internet and maintaining a social media presence is an integral part of your daily business operation, a lot of businesses are trying to optimize it. Businesses want data, on everything.

Having tons of useful data about your customers, prospects, clients, investors, and even competitors give you the ability to change what’s not working and what is.

This is why you see businesses track almost every aspect of their online activities. Businesses and professionals are making use of advanced analytics to study how their work is being received and understand what they are doing wrong/right.

Professionals are making use of a wide variety of analytical tools to track and measure every aspect of their business activity- website, blog, social media, email, video, audio, etc. but what about your documents? Why are documents left out in the cold? When the majority of our work consists of creating and sharing documents, it’s shocking that document analytics seems like a far-fetched dream.

The fact that we aren’t using proper tools to measure the engagement levels on a document is astonishing. Do you know what happened to your document after you shared it with someone? Imagine having a document tracking system that lets you know the following:

  1. Did they open it?
  2. At what time?
  3. How far did they scroll before closing it?
  4. How often did they open it?

Imagine the sheer worth of this kind of detailed data. It can help your business make informed business decisions in the future by learning about what works and what doesn’t. Analyzing this critical data allows you to put it to good use and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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Some of the best document tracking systems out there:

If you are smart enough to be looking for a document tracking system, you are already ahead of your competition in so many ways. All you need now is a document tracking system that will help you make intelligent and informed decisions and avoid costly business mistakes.

There aren’t many document tracking systems out there that provide you the ability to track your documents. Let’s see what exists out there and which document tracking systems you should be using:

  • Bit.ai
  • DocSend
  • Attach.io
  • Saleshandy

Let’s take a look at each one of them in detail and decide which one is the best document tracking software for you:

Document Tracking System #1:

Bit is a new-age cloud-based document collaboration tool that helps teams create, manage and track all your business documents in one place.

Get your team together in a Bit workspace and create marketing and sales collateral, employee training guides, meeting notes, proposals – basically any workplace document. Make your documents interactive by going beyond text and images and adding YouTube videos, spreadsheets, SlideShares, audio files, GIFs, Dropbox files, web articles, social media posts- basically anything on the internet with a URL!

When you are satisfied with your document and are ready to share it, you can create a trackable link. Your trackable link once shared will provide you with information on how often it’s viewed, how far it was scrolled, how much time was spent on it, etc.

Bit also gives you the ability to share multiple trackable links for every recipient or group you want to track. This is what sets apart Bit from all the other document tracking tools out there.

Unlike other tools, which ask you to convert your document into a PDF and then share a link via a third-party tracking service, Bit allows you to share your documents right from the get-go. No need to convert it into a PDF or any other file type. No need to share a unique link via a third-party. Simply share your document as it is and get detailed, actionable insights!

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Here are some of the features that make Bit, the ultimate solution for creating, sharing, and tracking workplace documents:

Smart Sharing:

Bit helps you share live documents and trackable documents. Each Bit document enables you to create multiple trackable links for every recipient or group you want to track. Study your audience’s interaction with your content for smarter follow-ups.


Engagement Analytics:

This is where the magic happens! You can gather real-time insights to understand how users interact with your content. Users are able to see who has accessed their Bit document, how frequently, how much time they spent on it, and how often they have returned to it, along with other great engagement metrics.